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Jun 17, 2011, 00:00:12
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yoyo.. stop fighting xD.. as for the best .. i agree can't say about a clan that its the best because theres no way to challange all clans .. many pro clans dont have their server and are inactive and no1 heard of them, and as for playing for fun.. well in 2007-2009 i think we had like 20 wars or so.. we just played and chilled in pub.. just recently started 2 challange alot of clans , and that is because we want to see how other teams play and get our clan name known , for us now playing cw's are the way of having fun because we can compare ourselves with other clans and we can always learn from others, with that said now that we compared ourself with O.o i think they are a good clan (better than alot of other clans) and im looking forward 2 play fw's and chill with them ;)
At least someone posts something not stupid, exactly as you say, we wouldn't even have clanwar if romania didn't come in our server and asked me about it.
I wanted to have that clanwar the same day he asked me about it, but many owls didnt want it that day, so we didnt have it simple as that, we had it next day, just for fun, didnt  train or anything, and also we let new players play in cw, so they gain slowly experience, taboo told me he never had cw, and he had a lot of fun having those 2 cws, even though he blamed himself for loosing, but only important thing is we had fun, we communicate on ts, and everyone i know in ts is somehow special in his own way.