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Ownage Owls

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Join us on creating our new world called Ownage Owls Den.
We're already settling in big time!

Server IP:
Version: Java 1.15.2
Max players: 64

Server options:
  • Difficulty: Normal
  • Nether: Allowed
  • View distance: 10
  • Max build height: 256
  • PVP: True
  • Online mode: False

Current staff:
  • Potzo
  • CaptainRaccoon
  • Alex

  • Don't break or steal anything you don't own.
  • Do not hack or abuse bugs.
  • Do not grief.
  • Speak English in the main chat.
  • Insulting, spamming, or advertising is not allowed.

Custom plugins & commands:

dynmap: Plugin Help: /help dynmap
/dynmap: Controls Dynmap.
/dmarker: Manipulate map markers
/dmap: List and modify dynmap configuration
/dynmapexp: Map export commands

Vault: Plugin Help: /help vault
/vault-info: Displays information about Vault
/vault-convert: Converts all data in economy1 and dumps it into economy2

DiscordSRV: Plugin Help: /discord ?
/discord: Show discord link

Essentials: Plugin Help: /help essentials
/afk: Marks you as away-from-keyboard.
/antioch: A little surprise for operators.
/back: Teleports you to your location prior to tp/spawn/warp.
/backup: Runs the backup if configured.
/balance: States the current balance of a player.
/balancetop: Gets the top balance values.
/ban: Bans a player.
/banip: Bans an IP address.
/beezooka: Throw an exploding bee at your opponent.
/book: Allows reopening and editing of sealed books.
/break: Breaks the block you are looking at.
/broadcast: Broadcasts a message to the entire server.
/broadcastworld: Broadcasts a message to a world.
/bigtree: Spawn a big tree where you are looking.
/burn: Set a player on fire.
/clearinventory: Clear all items in your inventory.
/clearinventoryconfirmtoggle: Toggles whether you are prompted to confirm inventory clears.
/condense: Condenses items into a more compact blocks.
/compass: Describes your current bearing.
/createkit: Create a kit in game!
/customtext: Allows you to create custom text commands.
/delhome: Removes a home.
/deljail: Removes a jail.
/delkit: Deletes the specified kit.
/delwarp: Deletes the specified warp.
/depth: States current depth, relative to sea level.
/disposal: Opens a portable disposal menu.
/eco: Manages the server economy.
/enchant: Enchants the item the user is holding.
/enderchest: Lets you see inside an enderchest.
/essentials: Reloads essentials.
/exp: Give, set or look at a players exp.
/ext: Extinguish players.
/feed: Satisfy the hunger.
/fly: Take off, and soar!
/fireball: Throw a fireball.
/firework: Allows you to modify a stack of fireworks.
/gamemode: Change player gamemode.
/gc: Reports memory, uptime and tick info.
/getpos: Get your current coordinates or those of a player.
/give: Give a player an item.
/god: Enables your godly powers.
/hat: Get some cool new headgear.
/heal: Heals you or the given player.
/help: Views a list of available commands.
/helpop: Message online admins.
/home: Teleport to your home.
/ignore: Ignore or unignore other players.
/info: Shows information set by the server owner.
/invsee: See the inventory of other players.
/item: Spawn an item.
/itemdb: Searches for an item.
/itemname: Names an item.
/jails: List all jails.
/jump: Jumps to the nearest block in the line of sight.
/kick: Kicks a specified player with a reason.
/kickall: Kicks all players off the server except the issuer.
/kill: Kills specified player.
/kit: Obtains the specified kit or views all available kits.
/kittycannon: Throw an exploding kitten at your opponent.
/lightning: The power of Thor. Strike at cursor or player.
/list: List all online players.
/mail: Manages inter-player, intra-server mail.
/me: Describes an action in the context of the player.
/more: Fills the item stack in hand to maximum size.
/motd: Views the Message Of The Day.
/msg: Sends a private message to the specified player.
/msgtoggle: Blocks receiving all private messages.
/mute: Mutes or unmutes a player.
/near: Lists the players near by or around a player.
/nick: Change your nickname or that of another player.
/nuke: May death rain upon them.
/pay: Pays another player from your balance.
/paytoggle: Toggles whether you are accepting payments.
/payconfirmtoggle: Toggles whether you are prompted to confirm payments.
/ping: Pong!
/potion: Adds custom potion effects to a potion.
/powertool: Assigns a command to the item in hand.
/powertooltoggle: Enables or disables all current powertools.
/ptime: Adjust player's client time. Add @ prefix to fix.
/pweather: Adjust a player's weather
/r: Quickly reply to the last player to message you.
/rtoggle: Change whether the recipient of the reply is last recipient or last sender
/realname: Displays the username of a user based on nick.
/recipe: Displays how to craft items.
/remove: Removes entities in your world.
/repair: Repairs the durability of one or all items.
/rules: Views the server rules.
/seen: Shows the last logout time of a player.
/sell: Sells the item currently in your hand.
/sethome: Set your home to your current location.
/setjail: Creates a jail where you specified named [jailname].
/setwarp: Creates a new warp.
/setworth: Set the sell value of an item.
/showkit: Show contents of a kit.
/skull: Set the owner of a player skull
/socialspy: Toggles if you can see msg/mail commands in chat.
/spawner: Change the mob type of a spawner.
/spawnmob: Spawns a mob.
/speed: Change your speed limits.
/sudo: Make another user perform a command.
/suicide: Causes you to perish.
/tempban: Temporary ban a user.
/thunder: Enable/disable thunder.
/time: Display/Change the world time. Defaults to current world.
/togglejail: Jails/Unjails a player, TPs them to the jail specified.
/top: Teleport to the highest block at your current position.
/tp: Teleport to a player.
/tpa: Request to teleport to the specified player.
/tpaall: Requests all players online to teleport to you.
/tpaccept: Accepts a teleport request.
/tpahere: Request that the specified player teleport to you.
/tpall: Teleport all online players to another player.
/tpauto: Automatically accept teleportation requests.
/tpacancel: Cancel all outstanding teleport requests. Specify [player] to cancel requests with them.
/tpdeny: Reject a teleport request.
/tphere: Teleport a player to you.
/tpo: Teleport override for tptoggle.
/tpohere: Teleport here override for tptoggle.
/tppos: Teleport to coordinates.
/tptoggle: Blocks all forms of teleportation.
/tree: Spawn a tree where you are looking.
/unban: Unbans the specified player.
/unbanip: Unbans the specified IP address.
/unlimited: Allows the unlimited placing of items.
/vanish: Hide yourself from other players.
/warp: List all warps or warp to the specified location.
/weather: Sets the weather.
/whois: Determine the username behind a nickname.
/workbench: Opens up a workbench.
/world: Switch between worlds.
/worth: Calculates the worth of items in hand or as specified.

EssentialsSpawn: Plugin Help: /help essentialsspawn
/setspawn: Sets the spawn point to your current position.
/spawn: Teleports to the spawn point.

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