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Nickname: Lisa
Real name: Eliza KwieciƄska
Age: 18
Sex: Female
Location: Warsaw, Poland
ICQ: I do not have, you can talk to me on a separate Facebook for friends of the game -
Former clans: Yes //   nFw , FpS , SSG , PsK , PPC , LoD, DR, and more but I can not remember the names.
Headset: Only on a laptop.
Teamspeak user: Yes
SA-MP: No, But I can download.
MTA: Of course.
Other mod: No
Why do you wanna join Ownage Owls?
I want to join you because I really like your server. Also I can help at various cw etc. My dream is to join the harmonious clan. I really like players on the server as    well as other owls, which could meet on the server.

What can you do for clan?
On the server I am a moderator, doing his job type killing campers, etc. could help in making maps dd / dm, also help in scripts. In MTA - dm I play 3/4 years so I have some experience in driving. I could help in the wars-clan.

Regards, Lisa.

oh gosh check her facebook!

YES (x100)

btw anyone invited her or?

I checked. So Beautiful  8) :)


She looks like my ex, so NO


sure, yes, join us


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