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Nickname: Slipknot
Real name: Luka Ivanković
Age: 12
Sex: Male
Location: Brdovec, Croatia
MSN: -
ICQ: -
Former clans: [HiVi]
Headset: Yes
Teamspeak user: Yes
MTA: Yes
other mod: No

Why do you wanna join Ownage Owls?
It's fun to play with [O.o] members and it's players on MTA servers or some other games. I like the members/players because they are nice and cool.
What can you do for clan?
Well I can be active so I can kick/ban hackers/bad persons, I can make maps (but i make them only when I'm in the mood xD).

Yes,stupid chetnik!
If u get accepted i won't be the youngest guy in the clan anymore,yay!  :]

AAAA another croatian ofc i say BIG YES

One of few players that have better understanding and character than most of 16 year old on the servers
We know alot of opposite examples, so hats off to you sir!
Hes also playing other games with us, and hes active on TS


I can only comment on my experiences with Slipknot but as reading the posts from other Owls seems like you have grown up quite alot. So just for that i will keep my answer as Neutral.


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